Pay Dubai Traffic Fines

Pay Traffic Fines in Dubai Without Visiting Traffic Department

Pay Dubai Traffic Fines

Pay Dubai Traffic Fines Without Visiting

Dubai is now one of the top tourist attraction places in the world. It hosts millions of visitors every year and it is inevitable that every single person is able to get away from the strict traffic laws in the country. With technology at its all time peak and the country always under heatwaves, the transportation department has done well to bring up easy and convenient solutions for the people to pay their traffic fines. Here are some ways you can do this, without even having to go the traffic department.

RTA Website

The transportation authority of Dubai, RTA, allows motorists to browse their website and pay their due fines online. You’ll need to click on the “Driver & Car Owner Services” tab and then “Fines”. This will redirect you to a page where you will need to upload some specific details about your vehicle and your driving license. You can then check all your dues and pay them with a bank debit/credit card. Pay Fines Now on RTA Website.

Dubai Police Website

Dubai’s traffic department have developed their own website and an official app that allows you to pay your traffic bills. Once on the website, click on “Traffic Services” and then “Fine Payment”. You will need to upload your vehicle registration number, number plate and a few other details to know the full details of the fine.

Dubai Now

Dubai’s police have developed their own app that allows you to register complaints and even pay your dues. Download the app on either iOS or Android, navigate your way through to payment of fines and pay your bills with your card while sitting on your couch.


Not only the police of Dubai, but the government of the city itself also allows its citizens to pay their traffic bills. Download the official Dubai government app called mPay and pay your dues and fines similar to the method above.

901 Toll Free

901 is Dubai’s emergency number. Call the toll free, speak to an employee or an operator and they will connect you to the concerned department. From there, you can provide them details of your fine and clear your name off through your debit/credit card.

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